Upon the Shoulders of a Titan

Letter to Loric

Field Report 1

Field report from Lorekeeper Lan to Loric enclosed below

Loric our mutual friend “Blondie” is an interesting fellow. Who is he? Why does he help us? We have to figure out more about who he is. He knows too much about our current situation to just be a regular man. Try and find out who exactly he is. Even his real name would be a good start.

On to his letter though. The information he had seems to be good. Norman, Wade and I followed his directions and it took us to a graveyard in the richer part of Apex. Outside of an unmarked tomb a projection of “Blondie” was there to meet us. This projection told us that the secret to defeating Drusilla and Skagos was inside the tomb and he was entrusting us with this knowledge and then his projection faded away.

We descended into this tomb and found only a door sealed to us. The door was marked in undercommon runes and Norman was able to translate. The door said. "Be Drow and enter . The Drow! They haven’t been seen in centuries and now we find a door sealed to everyone but them. What can be behind this door? If the secret to defeating Drusilla and Skagos are behind it we must find a way to “be Drow”. Loric, I need you to do some research for us. Find out any connection you can between The Drow and Drusilla.

I’m writing this report from our inn in Ganlas. We’re heading into the Sable Labyrinths Loric. The network of caverns and caves deeper than even the dwarves dare dwell. This is the last known location of The Drow before they vanished centuries before. We’ve found a guide; A dwarf named Kalam Thorison who claims to have been down into the Labyrinths and survived. It’ll be a few days before my next report but with any luck you’ll soon hear back. If we do not survive our trip into the tunnels Loric then you must send another team of Lorekeepers. We must find out what The Drow have behind that door.

Lan Thangail
Senior Lorekeeper



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