Wade Thorne

A former gang leader in hiding


14 STR
16 DEX
14 CON
14 INT
12 WIS
14 CHA


Wade Thorne grew up in squalor with his brother Howard. Throughout most of their life, they relied only on each other often getting into mischief in order to make ends meet. Their crimes were mainly petty mostly stealing bread and other foodstuffs. As the boys grew up however, their crimes escalated going from grocery stealing to pickpocketing to mugging. The Thorne boys rose to some infamy within their borough of Loughport which caught the attention of law enforcement. They were in and out of jail for most of their adolescence but as they matured they learned how to avoid the law in some aspects.

The Thorne brothers want for wealth grew to the point where they laid the groundwork to set up their own gang. Their names carried a lot of weight within the slums of Loughport so beggars and thieves from all over the borough enlisted in their gang. They named themselves the “Scarlet Saber Gang” and unleashed themselves upon the streets. They hassled store owners extorting them for protection and began involving themselves in the trade between boroughs by raiding caravans and committing highway robbery. Over the years the gang grew and grew to become a dominant presence within western Apex spreading to the nearby boroughs of Winwarden and Ballow.

The gang was at its peak when things went out of hand. The gangs accounted for over 200 members across the boroughs and solid rule was becoming difficult to enforce. Small factions began to rise within the group as they felt disconnected with the core leadership of the Thorne brothers. Only the original group in Loughport kept strong loyal ties, but these men were few within the large scope of the gang. Warren Rockwell was a favorite among the small factions and he made his move against the core leadership and the loyal members. While Wade was away on business, Warren murdered Howard in cold blood while his faction of the gang took care of the loyal Loughportians.

Wade was almost back in town but his friend Clover was able to reach him before he made it through the gates. She told him of the events that had transpired and that the Scarlet Sabers were under new leadership. Wade was full of sorrow and rage, but he knew it would be foolish of him to try and seize leadership back so he decided to leave western Apex for good. Clover gave shelter to Wade for a time but he eventually wanted to start fresh. He promised he would return to Loughport with the intent to kill Warren Rockwell and to take back leadership within the Scarlet Saber Gang. If only for his brother’s sake.

Wade Thorne

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