Sedrik Dunbar

Paladin lvl 5


Human Paladin

STR 16
DEX 10
CON 14
INT 11
WIS 14
CHA 16

AC 16
HP 41


His Past

A highborn noble from the great human city of Apex. He joined the holy knights of the Order of the Burning Light, a band of warriors dedicated to fighting the enemies of humanity, with a specialty in fighting the undead. He rose of the ranks as he grew older, and eventually grew to the rank of Holy Commander with a retinue of nine men. Like all members of the Order, he is a dedicated follower to the god Helm, the god of protection. His opinions on other races is that of distrust, however tolerating non-humans when needed to. After the Scourge happened Sedrik took an oath like all Order members to help in the fight to put an end to the ancient vampire, Lord Gthial Be’rutol. Sedrik took this oath to heart and pledged his life for Lord Be’rutol’s destruction.

Sedrik was frequently tasked with patrolling the forests between Flerue and Apex for undead and other monsters. One night on a routine patrol, Sedrik and his nine men were attacked by a wave of unrelenting undead and a abomination that resembled a mass of corpses. Surrounded by the horde his squad was wiped out with him being the only patrol member alive. Out of options Sedrik grasped at the earliest opportunity for an escape. As he escaped, he looked back to see the abomination and undead feast on his friends. Wounded physically and mentally, he arrived back at Fort Grevaire, an outpost ran by the Order. For three days Sedrik didn’t say a word, his first major loss as a Holy Commander sunk in deep within his soul. When asked on the third day, he explained his story and an investigation by the order happened short after to confirm. Evidence was submitted to the board of the Order of the Burning Light, he stood in front of board members to hear their decision on his future in the Order.

His Future

They saw fit for him to keep his rank, particularly Holy Marshall Grom understanding his situation due to being in a similar one himself. This event in turn started another, however. The Board recognized Sedrik’s faith, long service and now the sacrifice of his brothers. They tasked him on a holy quest that many knights before him undertook. To travel across the realms to seek new places and start new branches for the Order of the Burning Light so that their influence and faith may protect human kind. Sedrik was conflicted, on one hand he was honored that trust was given to him to start a new branch and spread the faith of Helm. On the other hand, this possibly put him further away from from helping against Be’rutol.

Sedrik found an opportunity for his quest with the Titan, the advantage a moving city gives the Order was too obvious not to take. He hopes to grow the new branch so he then can send out patrols and expeditions to explore the titan and uncover its secrets.

Sedrik Dunbar

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