Drusilla, The Vampire "Queen"

A vampire risen from the ashes of a past legacy


In her early years, she served as a retainer for the great vampire Lord Victor of Dalgard. She stuck very close to her Lord and was rumored to be his mistress even though Victor had another existing family. Dutifully loyal, she was his right hand. Drusilla herself had an entourage, two of which were Morcana and Senseela.( Only one of them, Senseela, is thought to be still at her side.) Her coven worked in the shadows under the protection of Lord Victor when he was at his peak, however times have changed.

It has been many a year since Lord Victor on Kronus. He was hunted down and killed by The Order of the Burning Light. Since that event, Drucilla has been in hiding but now her name is on vampires lips once again. Her activity has increased drastically with parties of her followers being found in Apex and Al-Ahquis. She has even tried to secure a magic well within the realm of Kalquis.

Drusilla has reemerged, and she plans to build a long lasting reign of terror.

Drusilla, The Vampire "Queen"

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