Clover is a freelance thief that has operations all over the more civilized areas of Kronus. A master thief, she commits grand heists and never leaves a trace. Only a few people know of her moniker “Clover” and even fewer people know her birth name. When Wade met Clover, he didn’t actually know her occupation but he had his inklings. The two hung around each other often so obviously they became rather close. As such, Wade eventually learned who Clover was and even learned her birth name.

Their relationship took a romantic turn from there on out however they never made things exclusive. Given their “careers”, they were often separated so their relationship was more open than normal. That said, they do stick around each other whenever their jobs aren’t pulling them in separate paths.

Wade and Clover remain good friends and romantic partners and help each other out whenever the need arises. While exiled from Loughport, she serves as his eyes and ears into the borough and provides other information about the world.


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