For as long as history recalls, the elves have been the primary inhabitants of this realm. They were a peaceful nature loving people. But at a certain point in time, they changed dramatically. The elves began to harvest entire sections of the forest for use in their newly built factories.



They dug up the remaining land to build quarries for the precious metals hidden beneath. It was as if the elves had discovered the fires of industry. Over time, the once green and lush capital turned black and grey with iron and steel entitled Ascendance. The elves themselves changed as well, embracing the teachings of their new leader. An extremely charismatic elf with a vision of the future. The new regime was not hostile at first, but over time they started attacking seemingly random targets. Parties of new regime elves roam the realms as if searching for something. However, not all elves chose to follow him. Several splinter groups formed and went their separate ways. Eventually, the largest group settled themselves into a location that is now known as The Pines. The city of The Pines is built following the flow of nature and looks as if it grew into place along with the trees.
It would typically be difficult to navigate through the city, but when in the streets, intuition guides you to your destination. It is unknown even to the wisest scholars why it happens. Some say that the city itself is guiding you through with powerful magics. The elves of this city are typical nature embracing folk. The forest is a creature of its own. While bountiful in resources, the forest protects them fiercely. Elves for whatever reason are immune to the forests wrath.


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