Zireth Amnon

A righteous cleric in service of the god Kojima.


Level 3 Cleric, Level 1 Paladin

STR 15
DEX 12
CON 13
INT 14
WIS 18
CHA 18


In the vast reaches of Kalquis, cities are often far and few between. The land in-between the cities are small villages and towns that lack much of a populace. Being almost completely geographically isolated from one another, towns have difficulty conveying news and are easy targets for raiders and other such dangers.

Zireth Amnon was born in one of these towns: the village of Horzer. A small place, it had minimal protection from invaders. The weak town inevitably became the target of a local band of marauders. The bandits made short work of the unprotected town, looting and pillaging, leaving almost nothing in their wake. Zireth, but an infant at the time, was saved only by being hidden inside the Amnon household. Within a day, the bandits left taking all the resources and wares they could carry.

Luckily, a local adventuring party passed by the desecrated village. They searched for any survivors and managed to find a handful of people, hidden by cellars and fake walls. A lone human stumbled upon the Amnon household. Within the ransacked building, he heard the cries of a babe. Investigating further, he managed to find Zireth. Being a holy man, he decided to take the orphan in, caring for him throughout the expedition and delivering him to the temple of Apex.

The human dropped off Zireth at a temple to Kojima for the paladins and clerics to rear the child. And so Zireth’s life of piety and righteousness began. From childhood onward, he has had Kojima as his teacher and moral compass. He was taught the nature of the storm god and his vindictive wrath, honing his magical and fighting prowess for the day he would set off on his own. .

By the time he was 30, Zireth was a respected cleric within the order and ventured off. Traveling far, he followed Kojima‘s instruction, often joining “crusades” conducted by the Brotherhood of the Storm’s Eye. One day, whilst praying, he felt a disturbance in the cosmic balance: something like an ancient evil awakening, something like the coming of the end times.

He left without hesitation and without direction. Zireth seemed to be piecing together a puzzle that seems like it will never be complete. His path led him to the illustrious Titan, to try and follow the trail of an adventuring party that was making themselves known.

Zireth Amnon

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