Lan Thangail

A veteran warrior with dreams of regaining his former glory


Str 17
Dex 12
Con 17
Int 12
Wis 11
Cha 14

AC 18

Health 65


Lan was born on The Outsider of Heiquis to a merchant family who served as arbiters between humans and Dragonkin. They helped to negotiate trade deals between residents of The Outsider and the rest of the mesas of Heiquis to ensure smooth relations between the harsher viking like Dragonkin and the foreign population residing in Heiquis.

Military service in Heiquis is mandatory and this includes non Dragonkin residents so at 16 Lan was conscripted into the military to serve his time. After basic training he was stationed at The Spire to combat the Deuragr and earn his status as a full citizen of Heiquis. Lan excelled in the military and quickly established a place for himself. After his mandatory service he remained in the military and served in The Spire until he was given a position in the Diplomat’s Guard who’s job was to protect foreign diplomats, dignitaries, and other esteemed guests who were visiting Heiquis. His willingness to throw himself in harm’s way to protect his charges and his dedication to this job earned him a spot as captain of his own team in this guard.

His years of service in the military were cut short after he was forced into an early retirement due to a change in the political landscape. New families who rose to power used their influence to remove many soldiers of high rank and status and place their own men into the military to quickly consolidate their hold on their newly found power in the city. After his “retirement” Lan found himself tiring of Heiquis and bitter at his loss so he left to find a better life for himself. Not long after his departure he encountered Bahrain who hired him to locate the mysterious Titan. The discovery of The Titan and his subsequent adventures have given Lan a new purpose in life. He seeks to become a hero. To use this opportunity as a founding colonist of The Titan to establish himself and become a lord of the land.

The events at the Ivory Tower left most the original Lorekeepers either dead or vanished. The death of his companions devastated Lan and the loss was too great for him to handle. Rather than continue on with The Lorekeepers he returned to Heiquis where he was given an honorary position in the military. He spent two months in service at The Spire. His time away from The Titan allowed him to come to terms with what happened and strengthen his resolve. He returned to The Titan and found much had changed in his absence. The city has grown larger and more people than ever dwell on The Titan. The Lorekeepers have been busy recruiting new members and sending teams out to seek knowledge and combat the evils of the world.

Now he has been given command of a new team of Lorekeepers. Drusilla is still a threat and Lan has made it his mission to end that threat once and for all to avenge his fallen friends.

Lan Thangail

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