Feldwick Farthing

Paladin of Kojima


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There is good reason that halflings typically remain among themselves: when the average height of all other races is twice your own, cosmopolitanism makes one vulnerable. Isolationism adds a layer of protection that one’s physical size removes.

Feldwick was not afforded this luxury.

Born in the Slums of Valhalla to Ahquisian immigrants, Feldwick was quickly exposed to the perils of ‘bullies,’ be it through local crime lords, violent duergar, brutish Dragonkin soldiers, or any one else who believed that to be small and weak made one a target. More so, he was exposed to the perverse effects such treatment had on its victims. He saw kind men become hardened and bitter, young men driven to early graves by their anger, and children deprived of youth and innocence. Such an environment weighed heavily on the kind-hearted halfling. There were but two options: leave or help. Choosing the latter, Feldwick dedicated himself to fighting to protect those who could not defend himself, to be a shield to the defenseless.

For many years Feldwick followed his duty, always coming to the aid of the citizens of the slums. Understandably, this made him an enemy of the criminal underworld that dwelled in the district. Were it merely the matter of a single driven man he could be ignored. The halfling seldom interfered beyond preventing a few shakedowns here and there, a barely noticeable hindrance. But the effects of his actions were drastic. He was a hero to the slums, an inspiration. Due to his presence, the once subdued populace of the slums had started to ferment with resistance. For the underworld to preserve power, the halfling had to be eliminated.

At noon they struck. Ten men attacked Feldwick in the middle of the district square, continuing to wound him long after he fell to the ground. His body was carried to the edge of the district mesa and thrown to the valley below. There was little doubt, the Feldwick was dead.

A month later a halfling washed upon the shore outside the Temple of Kojima. When questioned by priests he could only remember dreams of lightning and of a vast and terrible storm, the hallmark indications of Kojima’s intervention. Over time, Feldwick’s memories returned to him, and with them a new purpose: Kojima had spared his life, Feldwick owed the storm god his life. He would serve Kojima and protect men as his paladin, and when his service was finished, he would return and finish what he began in Valhalla.

Feldwick Farthing

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