Alzir L'Ahad

A warlock seeking knowledge to better understand what is man


STR 11
DEX 10
CON 14
INT 14
WIS 14
CHA 16

AC 11
HP 31


Alzir L’Ahad was a lone hermit scouring the sands of Al-Ahquis seeking for knowledge of what it means to be man and the known world. A capable magician, he made his way through many tombs and uncovered much. After many a year, he stumbled upon an old grimoire. Old but intact, he thought it was just a normal book. However, the book is what tied his soul to an Old One, Tharizdun. Since then, he has been struggling to find info about an almost absent god within the realm of mortals. Because of this, he has been forced to come out of seclusion and seek help from others. How everyone takes to his business is another matter….

Alzir was one of the pioneers of the Titan. Building up an adventurers guild called “The Lorekeepers” in an attempt to chronicle the worlds knowledge, he allowed for adventurers to get compensated for their exploits. He made it his life goal while on the Titan to learn more about Tharizdun however that led to his eventual downfall. In pursuit of Drusilla, the party had to fight one of her lieutenants. Upon the lieutenants defeat, Alzir felt an uncontrollable urge. Above the tower in the lands of Kalquis was a magic current. His book became sodden with drool and with an intense feeling of yearning being around the current. The formidable resolve of Alzir L’Ahad caved in to the books demands as if possessed and held the book open to feed upon the current. What happened next was chaos, as if Tharizdun had crawled out of the book into the mortal world intent on feasting on the magic power. The last sight the party saw of Alzir was him being embraced by an otherworldly being.

His fate is uncertain and inconclusive, however it is safe to say that Alzir will not be returning to the mortal realm.

Alzir L'Ahad

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