Upon the Shoulders of a Titan

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Unwanted Guests


Rufus’ Notes:

Reached that damn paladin with the stick up his ass. Not hard. Just had to show some ogres proper way to die. They give me weird looks for diving into the shit pile. Let them stare! We found the gold and that orb of light didn’t we?

After Ogres we found that ass. Hah! Not so proud now while swinging in a devil’s cage. Had half mind to leave him there, but that boy Lan wanted him down. Others seem to respect him so guess we follow along. Pays to have a leader at times. Just wish we didn’t burn so many damn bones. Could have used them.

Paladin (names apparently Pareass. pareASS HA!) takes us outside Apex to meet some “oracle.” Typical seer dribble. Half-truths. Questions instead of answers.

Boy seems to be hiding things. The man he met in temple was some old warlock friend Alzir. Guess he serves Soltan now. Damn seer wouldn’t tell us more about the god. But gave us some names: Rurik, a man, and Harmony, a town.

Something actually interesting: seer says souls can no longer pass into afterlife. REALM OF DEAD CLOSED. SOULS STUCK BETWEEN WORLDS. If this is Soltan, power incredible. Can use?

Seer decides to end things with a bit of mind fuckery. Tells some death prophecy to Thorn. Something something green lights fall something something beware. Poor kid spooked. Damn seers should know when to shut up.

Set off towards Harmony. Lan has more information for us: Rurik is old companion. Some dumb cleric disappeared with some whore named Senseela. Rode off on wearwolf. Hmm, I wonder.

Reach Harmony. Typical Apex. Corrupt guards beating up starving peasants. Inn too full for us “interlopers.” They won’t even give an old man a drink. The lads seem like they want to keep their heads down. Spineless. Think I’ll go ahead and show this town real power.

Pick a fight. Choose the biggest of them. Cast a simple spell and he falls to the floor screaming. haha!. The look on their faces was priceless. Worth having to run around town for the night. Oh well. Not first town that wants me dead.

Meet up with others in some old church. Boy furious. Thought these soldier types are all about fighting for the weak and whatnot. Guess not. Head off to sleep. Woken up by screams. Gods damn elder vampire!? Explains a lot. We flee town for the night.

Thorn kid wants to run. Lan boy grew back spine. Wants to help town. I side with boy. Never liked bullies anyway. Besides…there’s much more to learn.
Letter to Loric
Field Report 1

Field report from Lorekeeper Lan to Loric enclosed below

Loric our mutual friend “Blondie” is an interesting fellow. Who is he? Why does he help us? We have to figure out more about who he is. He knows too much about our current situation to just be a regular man. Try and find out who exactly he is. Even his real name would be a good start.

On to his letter though. The information he had seems to be good. Norman, Wade and I followed his directions and it took us to a graveyard in the richer part of Apex. Outside of an unmarked tomb a projection of “Blondie” was there to meet us. This projection told us that the secret to defeating Drusilla and Skagos was inside the tomb and he was entrusting us with this knowledge and then his projection faded away.

We descended into this tomb and found only a door sealed to us. The door was marked in undercommon runes and Norman was able to translate. The door said. "Be Drow and enter . The Drow! They haven’t been seen in centuries and now we find a door sealed to everyone but them. What can be behind this door? If the secret to defeating Drusilla and Skagos are behind it we must find a way to “be Drow”. Loric, I need you to do some research for us. Find out any connection you can between The Drow and Drusilla.

I’m writing this report from our inn in Ganlas. We’re heading into the Sable Labyrinths Loric. The network of caverns and caves deeper than even the dwarves dare dwell. This is the last known location of The Drow before they vanished centuries before. We’ve found a guide; A dwarf named Kalam Thorison who claims to have been down into the Labyrinths and survived. It’ll be a few days before my next report but with any luck you’ll soon hear back. If we do not survive our trip into the tunnels Loric then you must send another team of Lorekeepers. We must find out what The Drow have behind that door.

Lan Thangail
Senior Lorekeeper


Losing it all

The day started out normally like any other. The party was making preparations for their journey to Kalquis and making sure everything was in order. They were about ready to head out until Rurik got summons from The Order to meet Senseela in her cell. Upon arriving, Senseela made it clear that she wished to speak with Rurik alone. Obliging, the party let Rurik in. As the guard opened the door, Alzir caught something suspicious on the guards wrist. A specific tattoo that he had seen before.

“Where did you get that marking?!” Alzir yelled at the guard. Bewildered, the guard only gave vague and unsure responses.
“What is that tattoo a symbol of?! What does Nerull mean to you?!” Alzir yelled again.
“I am not sure what you are talking about, sir.” the guard answered.
“That skull and scythe…you’re a part of Total Eclipse arent you?!” the warlock questioned once more. After finishing his sentence, the group heard a loud thud emit from Senseela’s cell followed by the violent rupture of the cell’s wall.

“Make sure she gets out alive! For Drusilla!” the guard exclaimed. The contingent of guards let out a loud battlecry and initiated combat with the party in order to let Senseela make her escape. Fueled by their own rage, the Lorekeepers gladly entered battle stance. Magic and blades were flowing everywhere, the party desperate to break through the lines to make sure Senseela didn’t escape and the cultists were determined to not let that happen. Sedrik, angered by the traitors, let his wrath be known. Cleaving and calling upon the magic of his deity he became an unstoppable force. He claimed each life for the glory of his god. Lan sounded his horn to alert the hopefully loyal guards within the outpost and charged headlong into battle! Adrenaline filled his body as if he was back at Valhalla. Alzir furiously threw bolt and fire after one another with reckless abandon. Letting out his harnessed powers upon the traitorous cretin. Together with their combined fury and vigor, the party slew the traitors with relative ease as they fell like dominoes. They were still too late however as Senseela was quick to make her escape upon a beast into town.

Alzir gave chase but to no avail, afterall his old bones made it impossible for him to even keep up with the lightning quick beast. In the mean time, Lan checked Senseela’s cell only to find out Rurik is nowhere to be seen. Lan checked beack forth throughout the holding areas with no luck. That leaves 2 people missing. They returned back just as the captain of the outpost made it to the jails, it seems that Lan’s beckoning wasn’t all for naught. Alzir proceeded towards the captain, “How did you not know you had traitors in your midst?! I thought The Order made it a living to keep impurities out!”

“We check out entrants thoroughly, obviously this was part of an intricate coup.” the captain replied back steadfast.
“Not thoroughly enough it seems. Is this what The Order has become? Incompetence? Because that is all I see. Th-”
Before Alzir could finish his sentence, the captain grabbed Alzir by the collar as if it were nothing. “Choose your next words carefully old man. We pride ourselves on what we are and what we do. You don’t know how the half of it.”
A long pause elapsed. Both sides barely containing the anger within themselves. After what seemed like an eternity the captain said, “I want all of you out of here. Everyone besides the The Order knight you have with you needs to leave.”

Alzir and Lan without much choice headed out towards the main street trying to find clues on where both Rurik and Senseela went. Lan was more focused on finding his friend asking about his whereabouts to locals. Yelling at the top his lungs, RURIK?! WHERE ARE YOU?!”, Lan was desperately trying to find their lost friend. Alzir was dead on finding their lost prisoner. His mind seemed like it couldn’t go anywhere else. Both exhausted of leads, they decided to head back to try and meet with Sedrik outside of the keep. Before he could make any meaningful headway, Alzir received a message from Loric to meet a man at the local tavern claiming that he might be of assistance. Alzir headed towards the meeting point and quickly met up with the contact. He introduced himself as Beiro Nightbreeze. Alzir was still reeling back from the recent events so he just motioned for the new party member to follow him.

Alzir and Beiro rendezvoused with the rest of the party. Lan look quickly annoyed as if he knew what was going to happen. Right after Alzir introduced Beiro, Lan interrupted “Is this how you treat your friends? We just lost Rurik and yet you bring here a replacement?”
“It isn’t like that, Lan. This man is just here to help. Loric had no knowledge of Rurik’s disappearance, this is just a coincidence” Alzir replied.
“It still doesn’t sit right with me. He can help us, but I won’t acknowledge him any further than that.”
Beiro then decided to actually give his opinion on the matter, “Listen. I have no idea how your friend got lost but I am just here to help. If you don’t like me right now sir knight, then that is ok. I just hope we can warm up in the future. But I can help you right now actually. Loric sent me to tell you guys of a new teleportation system constructed by a man within the titan. Follow me if you will.”
The party followed Beiro to a lone a secluded tower beside a city street. As they were going up towards the door, a man suddenly pushed the door out. It was Bahrain, the mayor of the titan’s back. “Welcome you four! I took it upon himself to make a machine to teleport yourself to anywhere you choose as long as you say the description. Give or a take a few inches….or feet. Or miles, really. But it will guaranteed get you nearby the place you want to be. Go and try it yourself if you trust my work.”
As if without thinking, Alzir went headlong into the teleportation pad and pulled out the drawing he made when he had the vision of the tower in Kalquis.“Take me to the teal tower with magic atop it in Kalquis” Alzir muttered. With a shake and a rattle, Alzir disappeared before the party. Trusting his words, all the party members decided to do the same. They all ended up in a dark room with a single door. They pushed open the door and they couldn’t believe what they saw.
They somehow ended up in Korkuldor, a dwarven city in the mountains. Alzir began cursing Bahrain for making such an fallible machine. As his anger began to subside, he slowly realized what he actually said. “Take me to the Ivory tower with magic flowing through it.”
They all got to the wrong place on his accord. Now they have to find a way back to a machine and get to the tower of Kalquis before it is too late.

Perilous Way Home
Escaping from the clutches of death

With the newly captured Senseela, the party decided it would be best to take her to the closest Order of the Burning Light station to confine and interrogate her. The party bound her and placed her upon Sedrik’s griffon then they took off to the sky with Sedrik taking point. All was fairing well until Alzir spotted something in the distance; it looked like a tiny dot however it was growing larger at an alarming rate. Alzir warned the nearby Lan however it was too late as the creature in the distance had the party locked in its sight. The griffons were also frightened by the monstrosity that gave chase. A creature only from legends had The Lorekeepers on its kill list.

The giant bird was gaining fast and was going at a rate that was too much for the griffons to outrun. It was here that Sedrik began to notice Senseela had regained consciousness though he payed no mind to it; an act which may have cost the mission shortly after. The bird then began to go under the group as if it maintain a fixed position. Coyly, Senseela then slipped off the griffon and was headed straight towards the back of legendary bird. Sedrik promptly gave chase to Senseela to make sure the groups prize will not be taken away. While Sedrik was pursuing the fleeing victim, Alzir cast a spell that banished the bird from this plane of existence, however he did not know how long the banishment would last. Sedrik was able to catch Senseela and resumed to flying as fast as they can to the town of Paradice. Only a minute passed till Alzir saw the dot in the distance again, reliving the same moment he experienced not too long. There was nothing else the party could do besides go as expediently as they can towards the city. The closer they got to the city, the closer the bird got to the party. Their hard work and retreat proved useful though as the giant bird slowed down once the party got too close to the city and eventually broke his pursuit. They then landed and headed straight towards The Order of the Burning Light with Senseela under close supervision.

Upon arriving at the battlement Senseela was quarantined in a prison to be under the watchful eye of the Burning Lights guards. To waste no more time the party went to work on interrogating the woman.
Senseela revealed that Morcana is still in fact in league with Drusilla and is currently working to further her goals. The specifics however she would not say only to say “Look for the tower in Kalquis. She could be there, who knows.” Alzir left shortly after to prep the party to make the expedition into Kalquis. A land so unexplored that there are hardly any maps to aid them in their journey. Even if they did find a map, it would be like looking for a needle in a very large haystack.

Securing A Prize
Taking the right hand

The party started in front of the supposed stronghold of Drusilla, unable to go inside due to a mysterious miasma that covered and surrounded the keep. Leaving no way in, the party had to find other leads. As they were about to give up Alzir was contacted by Loric Reynolds telling him of a lead on Senseela in the realm of Paradice at the Golden Goose Inn. In addition, Alzir received a vision from the unknown entity. The vision entailed of a narrow tower amidst a blizzard. The top of the tower had magic passing through it. And at the base of the tower, there were two men. One clad in Lillian armor and the other garnished with black robes. This is where the vision ended, which Alzir promptly drew to preserve the image. However even with such a clear and outspoken vision, the party made way towards Paradice to meet with Senseela, before it was too late.

The party touched down on Paradice and secured rooms for themselves. Lan decided to explore the town in search for signs of Senseela and Alzir decided to stay back at the inn to try and gather clues. Alzir was able to gather from the patrons that there was a pale woman traveling with the famous dragon slayer, Karawir, to a location known as the “Ivory Edifice”. The party arranged traveling arrangements immediately so they wouldnt miss such a critical moment.


After securing griffins, they made their way towards the Ivory Edifice. As they flew overhead, they saw an intense battle between Karawir and a gargantuan black dragon with the suspect not too far behind. Lan, bloodthirsty and aching for a good fight, quickly landed and made way for the monstrous creature. He climbed upon the dragon as if with skilled expertise. Upon reaching the neck, he thrust his sword deep into the dragon. The dragon turned angry and violent towards Lan, but this did not phase Lan. Lan held on tight to the dragon, never to let go until his foe lay on the ground. Upon seeing this, Karawir obtained new found vigor and charged at the dragon headlong slicing the belly of the dragon! Then, for the final blow Lan thrust his sword to the hilt into the dragons neck and twist! And thus, the dragon fell in a puddle of its own blood.

Unexpectedly, this is when the assumed Senseela walked towards the dragon and obtained a black energy from the dragon which then absorbed into the woman. After multiple hails and warnings from Alzir, she only smiled and passed out on the ground. This is where the party has to make a dangerous decision. Where should they keep the woman? The woman who was closest to Drusilla, their enemy.


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